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I am going to try to do this list and keep up with it but we will see if it actually happens. I am starting to do it if my list isn't completely finished.

Start Date: June 28th, 2009
End Date: March 25th, 2012

  1. Visit 5 new states [0/5]
  2. Complete A to Z
  3. Scrapbook Freshman Year
  4. Scrapbook Sophomore Year
  5. Scrapbook Junior Year
  6. Scrapbook Senior Year
  7. Read 100 books [1/100]
    1. The booksCollapse )
  8. Volunteer 50 times [0/50]
  9. Make 25 new meals [0/25]
  10. Graduate college with a 3.5
  11. Pass my boards
  12. Get a job as a nurse
  13. Try 25 new foods [0/25]
  14. Visit two new countries [0/2]
  15. Learn to sew decently and make something
  16. Go out senior year
  17. Run/walk a 5K
  18. Save money
  19. Road trip across America
  20. Go to Las Vegas
  21. Go on a cruise
  22. Design my own bag
  23. Learn more Spanish
  24. Go to 20 museums [0/20]
  25. Give blood
  26. Go to 5 concerts [0/5]
  27. Make my own sushi
  28. Go on 5 creative dates [0/5]
  29. Go snowboarding and/or skiing
  30. Make 10 pieces of my own jewelry [0/10]
  31. Not use my computer or watch tv for a day [0/20]
  32. Read PostSecret every week
  33. Go through all the drawers in my room and get rid of stuff
  34. Find a volleyball league
  35. Play an intramural sport
  36. Learn yoga
  37. Get 2 more piercings [0/2]
  38. Drive 4 hours
  39. Pay for an expensive meal for 2 (at least $75)
  40. Go on 20 day trips [0/20]
  41. Either get off or get on every DC area metro stop

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i am only a teenager for about another hour and a half. i cant believe it. it is crazyy.

i have been thinking about a lot of people from my past recently it is weird how fast we grow up. some of my other birthdays and just other memories a lot of good things have gone on. it is too bad it is not possible for us to keep in touch with all the people we have been close to at one point in our life. but that is actual is impossible. oh well. they will always have a place in my heart (how corny). i love my life. even if i am a pain or in a bad mood i really love the people in my life.

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this is my summer, in words or phrases, or so far at least:

summer to do list. supernaturnal. 1 year. young love. supernatural summer. twilight, new moon, eclipse. edward and bella. cousins. skyway mdw. flower (the game). pictonary. cranium. apples to apples. mayday parade. all time low. walk on water or drown. vampire love. team edward or team jacob. gchat. emails. old friends. my boards. victory dance. ktg website. red storm. softball. bare walls. pink walls. $6 movies. condensed water. photobooth, wait not yet. lunches with lynn. wall-e. shoe in toliet. decorating wine glasses. new stores. the unobtainable black tote bag. catch up phone calls. swimming. falling asleep early. <3. breaking dawn. tennis. matts birthday. sushi pack pit stops. twilight saga obsession. cape may.

....to be continued.
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i have a notebook with a list of things to do before i die that i currently cant find. so i wanted to keep a running list somewhere i cant lose it.

so here are some of my additions so far:

-Go in a hot air ballon
-watch a meteor shower
-go sailing
-visit all disney worlds
-see the sun set on the pacific
-visit fiji
-see the Olympics in person
-visit a waterfall
-safari in africa

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so since it is offically summer for me as of saturday. i decided that i am going to try and keep up with this. i know i tend to say that a lot but we will see.

saturday -- we didnt go to bed until 5 am friday night/saturday morning. we were talking about all different things. it was me chuchie and katie. it was a lot of fun though. we were supposed to be studying for chem but we werent. that was probably one of the hardest exams i have ever taken in my life. but it didnt even matter that we didnt study because it wasnt stuff that was in our book. so i went to bed for 2 hours and then got up went to breakfast and then took the test. i came back to the dorm and starting packing even though my mom was going to be arriving within the next two hours. but it did not seem to phase me. i said all my goodbyes. it was soo weird to have to say goodbye. i was sad. andrea and i waited for dominic's cab to come. and then slowly as other people left they came to my room. and saying goodbye to maggie was sad. we had a great year together. REGAN 210 was the shit. andrea was the last person i said goodbye to and then i found laura to check me out and she did. and then we left. i slept most of the car ride home because i had only had 2 hours of sleep. we eventually made it home. much later than i expected but that as all my fault, because i was not packed. and then when i got home i started to arrange my scrapbooking supplies. and we got some chinese take out and just sat around and watched tv.

sunday -- was bamboozle. i was looking foward to bamboozle since vanessa asked me if i wanted to go. so i got to vanessa's house and we watched the end of some tv show and then left to pick up one more of her brother's friends. so we got there, found a spot and then walked in. the bands i wanted to see were not until later in the day. so we walked and i saw joe. he gave me a highfive which i was not very happy about but i guess since his girlfriend was there and she doesnt know me that would not be apporiate for him to give me a hug. i just did not expect a highfive. vanessa and i just walked around for a while. then we saw a little bit of relient k and we stayed for 2 songs that we knew then i realized the matches were playing. as we got there i heard chain me free playing and i was sooooo excited. then we walked around some more and saw chris and lauren. and we talked to them for a while. then we walked around some more and then went to see mae. after mae we killed some more time and then saw red jumpsuit appartus. rja was when we began with our first mosh pit of the day. on the way over to another stage i was walking. and i see a girl in a lady knights softball sweatshirt, then i realized it was ashley. she came running over to give me a hug. i had no idea that she was going to be there. she was there with diana and meg. then we walked over saw the end of yellowcard's performance.  then we waited for jack's mannequin. i was sooooo excited about that performance. and vanessa being the good sport that she was waited with me. jm was awesome. then we went over to taking back sunday. because they began as jm finished. after that we sat down for a little while and waited for likin park which was pretty much the main act of the day. they were actually awesome. i couldnt see them very well, but i could hear them and that is the important part. but they were way better than i expected. haha. then after we dropped off evan's friends. and went back to vanessa's house. and then i went home.

monday -- I pretty much did nothing expect sit around the house and scrapbook a little bit until i went to work. and then after work i came home and scrapbooked some more. and then went to bed. it wasnt anything crazy. i did get a few scrapbooking pages done. 

-- my brother was home sick from school and he was watching beerfest so i decided to join him. i probably shouldnt admit to watching that with him but i thought it was funny. then i decided that i needed to go to the container store. so i drove there. i love the fact that i have a car now, it makes my life so much easier. then i came home for a little bit and then went to work. after work i went out with chelsea and matt. i was sooo excited to see them. we sat in starbucks for about an hour and a half. and then matt wanted wendys so we went down the street to wendys. we got some food there and then proceeded to sit in the parking lot for another hour just talking. i love how nothing has changed. it is like we see each other all the time we just need to catch up on some minor(or major) details. it is great.

-- i was kind of nervous to visit my internship. i am not quite sure why. maybe just because i get nerous before i do anything. i am weird i know. but then i went upstairs. and it was awesome. i saw almost everyone i wanted to see. i was so glad that connette came. because i would have been quite sad if i didnt get to see her. i even went over to cpd to say hi to joey and ended up standing there talking to gene and lou for a while. it was awesome i miss being at that place. then connette took me out to eat at the california pizza kitchen. which was awesome. then i went to the apple store to get my ipod fixed and they gave me a new one which was awesome. then i went to work. after work, i went home for a little. and then i drove over to matt's house. we(matt chelsea and i) rented a movie. we watched the beginning of it. and then vanessa came and we ended up just talking aka what we always do. then i eventually went home.

-- my brother stayed home sick again. but i had plans to get lunch with vanessa and matt. we went to on the border which was good. and then vanessa and i went to the mall. and then i got a call from ashley to ask me something about skills and said that we should see her box. so since we were kind of close to bca we decided to go see it. so we went to visit. i love that weird crazy place. and it was really nice to see chef b and j. and then i dropped vanessa off and went to work. after work i went to vanessa's house. we watched are you smarter than a 5th grader, grey's anatomy, and traveler. i really liked the show traveler.

today aka friday
-- i did nothing. and then i came to work and tonight i am going to udel to see lynn with kathy.

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so i decided today as i was sitting here trying not to do my philosophy homework that i seriously love college. i guess you can even say that i have come along way from the beginning of this year when i actually hated the whole concept. i thought before that i liked it but i just love it. It is going to be weird this summer when i will be home for longer than 3 weeks i am not sure how i am going to be able to handle it. and even though regan hall is a very ... interesting place to live, i am seriously going to miss it. the people are what we like to call special, but not a bad special a good special. i know that sounds really corny but i dont care. i really like them. now most (not all) normal college students aren't sitting at their desk at 1:30 on a friday morning writing in their el jay but they would be out enjoying themselves. i am not normal, and that's cool too. there are times that i miss high school and mostly just culinary and the people and being able to eat cookie dough whenever i wanted, but college is a strange strange place. like if the things that went on in college were in any other type of context it would not be acceptable, but it's college so it does not matter.

i love the ridiculous nicknames that people have that they do not know that they have mostly because they do not know us.

i think i might actually be kind of sad to leave this crazy place in 2 weeks.

oh and i really want to go back to paris. i seriously love it.

i cannot wait to scrapbook this year and my paris trip. i <3 scrapbooking. in case anyone did not know.
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so basically i am currently sitting in john k mullen of denver aka the library with chuchie trying to write my paper for english class about family guy and the simpsons. but i am currently taking a little break. and i figured since i never write in this crazy thing i would.

so college is a crazy place, people tell you about it before you get here but you dont truly understand until u are actually here. i love it. catholic is an interesting place, but i like it. everything does happen for a reason, right? i am really in that i totally need a guy phase. i just want to have someone.

oh and 2 weekends ago vanessa, chelsea, and ciara came here. that was amazing. we had fun. i wish they could come to school with me i miss them so much. i mean dont get me wrong i really like my friends at school but it's just that those girls(and other people from home) have been through so much with me and me with them, i am so much more comfortable with them. i was being loud and obnoxious like when i was at home, it was a nice feeling.

so i am going to paris in about a month for spring break! i am stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also i am going home next weekend, just because. but it will be nice considering i wont be home until easter.

so i should probably return to this whole writing thing, i do want to watch grey's anatomy tonight.
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man! i feel like a woman! - shania twain
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