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my mission is to start to write in here again, because i love going back and reading what i had to say a while ago:

so college, wow it is everything and nothing like what i would have expected it to be. it's great, it really is. but i miss everyone soo much. yesterday was a bit much for me, but thankfully i have wonderful friends and an awesome roommate that helped me. i really enjoy being in nursing, even though so far all we have is anatomy and chem. but i love the atmosphere in college. the people i have met are awesome and i really really enjoy their company. the thing that scares me is that i am not sure if they feel the same way, i hope they do. this is just a big change for everyone so i shouldnt feel too bad. of course i am over analyzing the situation and being paranoided but hey that is what i do best. (btw that is not just so people feel bad and be like of course not jen) i am tired and wide awake at the same time right now. i think it has something to do with the fact that i took a half an hour power nap and like 630.

oh so more about college: there is this show strangers with candy, that we watch at least one episode everyday. i love it. it is one of the most ridiculous shows that i have ever watched. i really like that we sort of have a core group of people that we hang out with, even though lately some of them have been leaving. that is pretty much it for now.

why my day was good:
-lucky charms for breakfast
-decent cheese steak lunch
-watched a really good episode of strangers with candy
-found out i didn't have to read a whole book for philosophy for tomorrow
-ellie is my chem lab partner
-my jeans that used to not fit, now fit
-i got to color
-my dad made me feel better
-i got a hug that i really needed!

that is all for now.
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even though i havent written an entry in here since like jan that wasnt a survey. i figure that this is a good idea.

so a lot has gone down since then(sparknotes verison):
-i got into colleges, and picked a college(catholic, where i am right now).
-softball season i quit for a week, but then i joined back. and i am glad i did even though i didn't play. the girls were amazing and we were league champs & beat emerson, for the first time ever. we had so much fun i loved it. we had sleepovers, bbqs, & bonding times. it was worth it.
-chocolate comp: i made chocolate sushi, chocolate ravolis, and truffles. i actually worked my ass off on that project. but i put the underclassmen to work. and i happened to place second in the senior class. i was so proud of myself, i never thought that i could do. but b had faith in me.
-for vanessa's birthday we had a scavengar hunt around bergen county. which was probably one of the most fun nights in my whole life. the team i was on was vanessa, lauren, seth, and camisa was driving. we lost but it was still a blast.
-i also saw MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK, the format, men women & children, & the matches. which was an awesome concert.
-skillsusa was a fun weekend, and ours was good even if we didnt place. we so should have. we worked our asses off on that.
-on a sadder note, courtney's brother matt, died in iraq. it was one of the saddest wakes i had ever been to.
-i went to disney world with A-CAAA-HAAA & the visual kids & gle. But gle doesnt count. haha. i roomed with lynn chelsea and sarah. it was an amazing four days. we went to all the parks, begged b to take us to pleasure island but she wouldnt, we took soo many pictures, went to a few hours of classes, had a ridiculous countdown to make sure we had everyone, and more fun then i could ever begin to explain.
-memorial day weekend we went camping, it was vanessa chelsea carney and i. we also spent a lot of time with vanessa's friends joe & alex who are from skyway. i actually slept in a tent that night, it was fun. because of chris carney i also was able to chop wood, it was an experience.
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i am into a college, finally.
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i never update this thing. i guess i am just too lazy, but so far senior year has pretty awesome. granted i owe a lot of that to my friends. i honestly do not understand how people function without them. so here is a survey

survey!Collapse )

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sometimes i just wish i could read people's minds. it would seriously make my life so much easier. it is weird i love the rain, but at the same time it makes me kind of sad it could be the music i am currently listening to def isnt helping. oh well. score the sats are tomorrow! i need to do better.

on a better note this has been a good week.. minus one little piece of monday night lol. but overall it was good. our volleyball record is 10-4 that is pretty sweet. and last week we took a game away from bogota and that may not seem like a big deal but it is. we didn't win the whole match but that's cool.

i love being in a good mood. and i wish guys didn't suck.

happy birthday truc-lan!

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Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts. If you're tagged it's your turn.

tagged: whoever wants to be
1. I think my room describes me very well, you walk in and are like wow this is so jen's room.
2. When I get older I want to be a nurse and I really do not understand why people think it is strange that I want to be a nurse and not a doctor.
3. certain people make me happier than they will ever realize.
4. I wish we still had yac trainings even though camp is over. I miss my yacs soooo much!!!
5. I have 2080 songs on my itunes.. even though my ipod is broken
6. I hate when people think I am stupid.
7. When I was little I thought that when people moved they just switched houses
8. I am going to see Motion City Soundtrack for the fourth time on tuesday! =)
9. My all time favorite song is American Pie
10. A.C. Moore is the best store ever.
11. It really bothers me when i hear people say that people are only straightedge because it is a fad. let people be who they are.
12. I love that it is not hard to make me smile
13. I get crushes really easily
14. Fall is my favorite season
15. I have a list of things i want to do before i die
16. I have a good memory for things like birthdays, phone numbers, names, and things people say but not things i learn in school
17. I love when people tell me they saw something that reminded them of me
18. Even though I can drive, I enjoy being the co-pilot.
19. I am scared of dinosaurs and I have no idea why.
20. I suck at spelling
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i wrote this.. because i am that cool

a friend is someone who...Collapse ) i am soo not done with this

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