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so i decided today as i was sitting here trying not to do my philosophy homework that i seriously love college. i guess you can even say that i have come along way from the beginning of this year when i actually hated the whole concept. i thought before that i liked it but i just love it. It is going to be weird this summer when i will be home for longer than 3 weeks i am not sure how i am going to be able to handle it. and even though regan hall is a very ... interesting place to live, i am seriously going to miss it. the people are what we like to call special, but not a bad special a good special. i know that sounds really corny but i dont care. i really like them. now most (not all) normal college students aren't sitting at their desk at 1:30 on a friday morning writing in their el jay but they would be out enjoying themselves. i am not normal, and that's cool too. there are times that i miss high school and mostly just culinary and the people and being able to eat cookie dough whenever i wanted, but college is a strange strange place. like if the things that went on in college were in any other type of context it would not be acceptable, but it's college so it does not matter.

i love the ridiculous nicknames that people have that they do not know that they have mostly because they do not know us.

i think i might actually be kind of sad to leave this crazy place in 2 weeks.

oh and i really want to go back to paris. i seriously love it.

i cannot wait to scrapbook this year and my paris trip. i <3 scrapbooking. in case anyone did not know.
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