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not writing a paper!

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so basically i am currently sitting in john k mullen of denver aka the library with chuchie trying to write my paper for english class about family guy and the simpsons. but i am currently taking a little break. and i figured since i never write in this crazy thing i would.

so college is a crazy place, people tell you about it before you get here but you dont truly understand until u are actually here. i love it. catholic is an interesting place, but i like it. everything does happen for a reason, right? i am really in that i totally need a guy phase. i just want to have someone.

oh and 2 weekends ago vanessa, chelsea, and ciara came here. that was amazing. we had fun. i wish they could come to school with me i miss them so much. i mean dont get me wrong i really like my friends at school but it's just that those girls(and other people from home) have been through so much with me and me with them, i am so much more comfortable with them. i was being loud and obnoxious like when i was at home, it was a nice feeling.

so i am going to paris in about a month for spring break! i am stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also i am going home next weekend, just because. but it will be nice considering i wont be home until easter.

so i should probably return to this whole writing thing, i do want to watch grey's anatomy tonight.
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