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i want to start writing in here again.

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my mission is to start to write in here again, because i love going back and reading what i had to say a while ago:

so college, wow it is everything and nothing like what i would have expected it to be. it's great, it really is. but i miss everyone soo much. yesterday was a bit much for me, but thankfully i have wonderful friends and an awesome roommate that helped me. i really enjoy being in nursing, even though so far all we have is anatomy and chem. but i love the atmosphere in college. the people i have met are awesome and i really really enjoy their company. the thing that scares me is that i am not sure if they feel the same way, i hope they do. this is just a big change for everyone so i shouldnt feel too bad. of course i am over analyzing the situation and being paranoided but hey that is what i do best. (btw that is not just so people feel bad and be like of course not jen) i am tired and wide awake at the same time right now. i think it has something to do with the fact that i took a half an hour power nap and like 630.

oh so more about college: there is this show strangers with candy, that we watch at least one episode everyday. i love it. it is one of the most ridiculous shows that i have ever watched. i really like that we sort of have a core group of people that we hang out with, even though lately some of them have been leaving. that is pretty much it for now.

why my day was good:
-lucky charms for breakfast
-decent cheese steak lunch
-watched a really good episode of strangers with candy
-found out i didn't have to read a whole book for philosophy for tomorrow
-ellie is my chem lab partner
-my jeans that used to not fit, now fit
-i got to color
-my dad made me feel better
-i got a hug that i really needed!

that is all for now.
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